Gaspar van Weerbeke: Works and Contexts

Conference Program [pdf]

Paper abstracts [pdf]

University of Salzburg, 29 June to 1 July


Thursday 29 June

10:00–10:20: Introduction

10:20–11:00: Keynote 1

Klaus Pietschmann (University of Mainz), “Seven reasons for Italy. Gaspar van Weerbeke’s career between Flanders, Milan and Rome”

11:30–12:30: Gaspar in Italy

Paul A. Merkley (University of Ottawa), “Weerbeke in Milan: Court and Colleagues”

Sean Gallagher (New England Conservatory), “Belle promesse e facti nulla: Ludovico Sforza, Lorenzo de’ Medici, and a Singer Caught in the Middle”

14:00–15:00: Gaspar in France and Burgundy

Grantley McDonald (University of Vienna), “Gaspar van Weerbeke as a member of the Burgundian chapel of Maximilian I”

Jeannette Jones (Boston University), “Gaspar in French Circles: The Poetic Witness of Guillaume Crétin”

15:30–16:30: Singing Gaspar from Facsimile

16:30–18:00: Gaspar’s Missa O Venus bant

Brett Kostrzewski (Boston University), “For the Love of Venus: Gaspar’s Mass O Venus bant and choirbooks of mass music in the late 15th century”

Clare Bokulich (Washington University in St. Louis), “The Missa O venus bant as Song Cycle”

Murray Steib (Ball State University), “Weerbeke versus Isaac: Differing Approaches to Polyphonic Quotations”

20:15–21:15: Conference concert


Friday 30 June

9:30–10:10: Keynote 2

Fabrice Fitch (Royal Northern College of Music), “‘Under the Radar’ or ‘Caught in the Crossfire’? Gaspar van Weerbeke’s Music and Its Reception-History”

10:30–11:30: Chansons I

Carlo Bosi (University of Salzburg), “Caught in the Web of Texts: The chanson Family Bon vin/Bon temps

Eric Jas (Utrecht University), “La stangetta—Weerbecke or Isaac?”

12:00–13:00: Chansons II

David Fallows (University of Manchester), “Gaspar and Japart: the secular works, with particular reference to Basevi 2442”

Philip Weller (University of Nottingham), “Saving Appearances? Sketching a profile for the secular Weerbeke”

14:0015:00: Joint Paper and Lecture Recital

Matthew Gouldstone (UK) and Jennifer Thomas (University of Florida), “Josquin, Gaspar and Franchinus: Style, Structure, and Performance of the Motet Cycles”

15:30–17:00: Style and Transmission

Paul Kolb (University of Salzburg), “A New Mass and Its Implications for Gaspar’s Late Mass Style”

Andrea Lindmayr-Brandl (University of Salzburg), “Petrucci’s Gaspar”

Agnese Pavanello (Schola Cantorum Basiliensis), “Weerbeke’s Styles: Motets, Texts, and Chronology”

17:20–18:30: Composition and Competition

Wolfgang Fuhrmann (University of Mainz), “Another ‘most laudable competition’? Gaspar, Josquin, and the Virgin in distress”

Peter Urquhart (University of New Hampshire), “Sequences and (dare I say it) tonality in Weerbeke”

19:3021:00: Conference Dinner


Saturday 1 July

9:30–12:30: Reconstruction Workshop

Richard Freedman (Haverford College), “Gaspar’s Lost Voice”